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Rapala Single Hook X-Rap Magnum Lures - From Only $23.95

Rapala Single Hook X-Rap Magnum Lures - From Only $23.95


Product Information

Rapala X-Rap Magnum Single Hook Lures
Single Hook = More Secure Hook-Up
+ Less Damage To Fish , Easier Release
XRMAGS20 - Length 14cm - Weight 46g
Running Depth - Up To 6m (20ft)
XRMAGS30 - Length 16cm - Weight 72g
Running Depth - 4.5 to 9m (15 to 30ft)
2 Colours In Stock Now
RRB - Real Red Bait
PBH - Purple Black Herring

Introducing Rapala X-Rap Magnum – single hook series.
Accounting for record captures all over the world,
the X-Rap Magnum features all the life-like scale detail
and selections from the incredible patterns of the original
X-Rap®. The massive diving-lip takes the X-Rap® Magnum®
deep...unassisted; nothing to hinder the action.
These run perfect right out of the box, no wasted time tuning.
Highly resistant, quality components such as full wire-through
construction and VMC’s new 7266 inline single hook
specifically designed to be fitted to the Rapala X-Rap Magnum.

Whilst most anglers prefer the convincing strength and
hook-set of the X-Rap Magnum’s stock fitted VMC trebles,
many are now seeking specially constructed single alternatives.
Some major advantages of single hook configuration include
greater hook purchase due to a larger hook gape; less
leverage on tackle exerted from the fish while fighting;
and above all, increased angler safety.

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