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Halco Laser Pro 160DD Lures - $14.95

Halco Laser Pro 160DD Lures - $14.95


Product Information

Halco Laser Pro 160DD
Must Have Tuna Lure!
Weight - 30g (floating)
Length - 16cm
Depth - 2m+
Bullet proof bib
One piece internal metal frame
Durable construction - well priced
A great Bluewater trolling lure, the Laser Pro 160 can be trolled over a wide speed band, however its optimum speed for trolling for pelagics is around 6.5 knots. Troll lures at distances ranging from 10 to 50 metres from the boat. About 25 metres is normal. Troll more than one lure at once to increase your chances and emulate a school of fish.

Remember, always troll your lures at different distances from the boat. Not only does this cover more area, it also avoids tangles when turning the boat, as the closer lure will pass under the further lure during the turn.