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Smith LTD KOZ Expedition Rod Series

Smith LTD KOZ Expedition Rod Series


Product Information

Smith LTD KOZ Expedition
The Ultimate Lure Fishing Rods
Super Versatile - Durable - Powerful
Extreme Rods for Traveling Anglers
Fuji SIC Ocean & Titanium Guides
Beautifully Hand Made - Double Bound
Carbon Multi-Axis Blank
- 8 +24 +30 ton 4 way X-across graphite
Balanced Exquisitely Between Rigid / Soft Action
- the tips have a softer feel the typical graphite rods
- the butts have more power than their appearance
Designed to Land Monster Fish in Short Time
All Rods Include Deluxe Padded Rod Bag

KOZ.EX-C510ML - Baitcast 5"10' - Barra / Queenfish etc
Line Max PE3 (Ideal 20 to 30lb) Lure up to 45g
Actual Rod Weight 146g - 2 Piece (joins in grip)

KOZ.EX-C65LH - Baitcast 6"5' - Bass / Big Barra etc
Line Max PE8 (ideal 30 to 60lb) Lure Max 85g
Actual Rod Weight 200g - - 2 Piece (joins in grip)

KOZ.EX-S70L / 2 Porter - Spin 7ft. - Snapper etc
Line Max PE2 (ideal 15 to 20lb) Lure Max 35g
Actual Rod Weight 135g - 2 Piece (joins in middle)

KOZ.EX-S69LH Length 6"9' - Kingfish / Tuna etc
The Perfect All-Rounder for Casting or Jigging
Line Max PE6 (40 to 60lb) Lure Max 75g
Actual Rod Weight 194g - 2 Piece (joins in grip)