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Shimano Rods - DynamiX Series

Shimano Rods - DynamiX Series


Product Information

Shimano DynamiX Rod Range
Designed By and Exclusive to Ray & Anne's
Bream - Shore Spin H - Estuary - Stealth Spin
KG Killa (whiting ) Beach Basher (surf)

Working in a tackle shop for over 20 years,
and listening to what the customers were asking for,
I decided Ray & Anne's needed our own range of rods.
Dunphy Sports (Shimano Australia) were more than
happy to be involved in this project - game on!
The aim was to develop a high performance, functional
product that looked good at a reasonable price - simple!
Each rod in the DynamiX range exists because
we couldn't answer our customers needs without it!
We started by requesting a high quality, robust
graphite composite blank from the Shimano rod factory.
This was the most important part, we made sure we got it right!
Then the components - Fuji was the only choice.
Now the basic ingredients were in place and
it was time to design and launch the DynamiX Rod range!

DynamiX Bream
The first rod we developed.
Over 150 Sold - its a winner!
Perfect action for soft plastic
or hard body lures.
Length - 6ft.9' (2 piece)
Line Class - 2 to 4kg mono or braid
Lure Weight - 1 to 9g
Action - Fast / Medium
Grips - Cork

DynamiX Shore Spin H
Length 9ft. (2 Piece)
Line Clas - 8 to 15kg
Lure Weight 30 to 80g
Heavy - Medium - Fast Taper
Fuji Guides & Deluxe Reel Seat
Grips - High Density EVA (Split Rear)
Perfect Rod For Salmon , Mulloway etc
Very Simular to the popular Shore Spin rods
in Shimano's range , but with our blank , components
and cosmetics - we made our own version!

DynamiX Estury
This rod exists because Shimano used
to make it in the original Steve Starling Range.
They stopped making it - we bought it back!
Killer on Yellow Fin Whiting & Bream!
Length - 9ft. (2 piece)
Line Class - 3 to 6kg mono or braid
Cast Weight - 5 to 30g
Action - Fast / Medium
Grips - EVA + Small Sand Spike

DynamiX Stealth Spin
The newest addition to the range,
this rod took over a year to develop.
A great all-rounder. Do anything from bait
fishing for whiting to targeting Snapper on Soft Plastics.
This rod will cast a bait or lure out of site!
By the time the fish know whats going on,
its to late - this rod nails them with pure stealth!
Length - 7ft. 2' (1 piece)
Line Class - 4 to 7kg mono or up to 20lb braid
Cast Weight - 8 to 25g
Action - Fast / Medium
Grips - Hard EVA - Long Rear Grip

DynamiX Beach Basher - 12ft Surf Rod
This is a combination of 2 of the most popular
12ft surf rods on the market, with the expected
hard work this rod will be doing , we
made sure we got it right!, sure to be a classic!
This rod is awsome! Fast Taper - Plenty Of Power
Fuji DLX Reel Seat - Fuji Alconite Guides