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Shimano DynamiX Stealth Spin Gen ll - $99.95

Shimano DynamiX Stealth Spin Gen ll - $99.95


Product Information

Shimano DynamiX Stealth Spin Rod - Only $99.95
Designed By & Exclusive To Ray & Anne's
Fuji Guides & Reel Seat
A great all-rounder. Do anything from bait
fishing for deep water Whiting to targeting Snapper on slow jigs like the Lucanus or bait, and this awesome rod will cast a metal lure a mile if you're targeting tuna on light line like 20lb braid! The DynamiX Stealth is the ideal 20Lb Braid Rod For Tuna & Other Pelagic Species
This rod will cast a bait or lure out of sight!
Fast taper but once loaded becomes parabolic
By the time the fish know whats going on,
its to late - this rod nails them with pure stealth!
Length - 7ft. 2' (1 piece)
Line Class - 4 to 7kg mono or up to 20lb braid
Cast Weight - 8 to 40g
Action - Fast / Medium / Parabolic
Grips - Hard EVA - Long Rear Grip (33cm)

Working in a tackle shop for over 35 years,
and listening to what the customers were asking for,
I decided Ray & Anne's needed our own range of rods.
Shimano Fishing Australia were more than
happy to be involved in this project - game on!
The aim was to develop a high performance, functional
product that looked good at a reasonable price - simple!
Each rod in the DynamiX range exists because
we couldn't answer our customers needs without it!
We started by requesting a high quality, robust
graphite composite blank from the Shimano rod factory.
This was the most important part, we made sure we got it right!
Then the components - Fuji was the only choice.
Now the basic ingredients were in place and
it was time to design and launch the DynamiX Rod range!