Maxel Rage Pro Series

Maxel Rage Pro Series


Product Information

Maxel Rage Pro Next Generation In Jig Reels
If you want max Winding & Drag Power - Choose Maxel Rage
Silent double locking Anti-reverse system
Smooth - Precise Twin Plate Carbon Lever Drag
Machined From Solid Aluminium
Excellent Free Spool - At Any Drag Setting!
Smooth Winding - At Any Drag Setting!
Double Anodising Construction - Super Durable
Gradual drag cam for more control and less bust offs
Refined Carbon Dual Drag System for more precise
lever drag adjustment as the drag power goes up
gradually and smoothly.
- This helps reduce the line breakage and the pulling of hooks.
M-Power Torsion Mechanics - Improved cranking torque
5 Year Warranty - Includes Neoprene Reel Cover

The most innovative design on the new RAGE PRO reels is the patented MAXEL Integrated Lever Drag System ( KARMAN system ) , which is aimed at eliminating spool lock when a lure gets snagged between rocks. This upgrade enables the spool shaft to connect more effectively with the drag lever. When the drag lever is in the Free position, the drag plate disengages with the spool smoothly even after a lengthy fight. This means the reel goes to zero drag without any drag force.

In addition the KARMAN System delivers more precise drag adjustment as the setting position is more accurate.

Also the feel of the movement of the drag lever is greatly improved. Anglers can feel the suction when moving the drag lever from higher to the Free position. The movement is easier and faster.

Maxel Rage Pro 60H
Gear Ratio: 5.3:1
Max Drag: 23kg
Line Capacity: PE2/1200m, PE2.5/850m
Max Crank: 106cm
Weight: 640g

Maxel Rage Pro 90
Gear ratio: 4.0:1
Max Drag: 30kg
Weight: 730g
Bearings: 9+2
Handle Arm: 105mm
Retrieve Per Turn : 94cm
Capacity ; PE8/450m, PE10/350m to 400m, PE12/300M

MAXEL RAGE PRO 130 Jigging Reel Specifications:
Gear Ratio: 4.5:1
Max Strike Drag with free spool 20kg
Max Full Drag with free spool: 26kg (max 30kg+)
Line Capacity: PE10/450m, PE8/600m approximately
Max Crank: 112cm
Weight: 850g

Note extra shipping charge is for the free rod sorry