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Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses - In Stock Now!

Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses - In Stock Now!


Product Information

Costa Del Mar
Polarised Sunglasses
Perfect Fit - Built To Last
P = Poly Carbonate Lenses
G = Glass Lenses
COSTA 580 Technology.
High-tech. High-performance. The ultimate lens.
Yellow light is the enemy. It's hard for the eye to
process and changes how you see the world.
Not with a pair of 580s on.
These patent-packed lenses raise the red,
blue and green areas to amazing levels,
while eliminating much of the yellow light.
The result is purer vision, deeper colors
and sharper contrast. Costa 580 lenses are available
in gray, copper, blue and green mirrors,
making them the perfect choice for any conditions.

COSTA 400TM Lenses.
Designed for adventure. Built to perform.
100% polarization. 100% UV protection.
Unmatched clarity, contrast and definition.
This is what you'll see through every pair
of Costa 400 lenses. We built our reputation
and our business on this lens, and it's made
for anyone who lives on the water.

< 1 millimeter thin LightWAVE glass,
polycarbonate or CR-39 lens
Scratchproof encapsulated mirror
- 8 layers of reflecting zircon, titanium
and magnesium oxides (on glass lens only)
100% polarizing film of pure PVA iodine dye

100% protective internal ultraviolet ray shield
One of any Costa 400TM or Costa 580TM no-fade lens colors
Our premium glare absorbing anti-reflective coating

These two words describe the wild we love
and the way we work. Our search for all things
new and undiscovered never ends,
taking our technology to a new level every day.
We test our gear in the same conditions you live and play in.
We fish. We paddle. We explore. And most importantly, we learn.
The result is lenses that let you see a bream on the flats, spot a sailfish
50 yards behind the boat ten feet under the surface, and sunglasses
that feel comfortable from dawn to dusk.