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Atomic Hardz Dragstar 130 Deep Lures - $26.95

Atomic Hardz Dragstar 130 Deep Lures - $26.95

$29.95 $26.95

Product Information

Atomic Lures Dragstar 130
Not $29.95 - Only $26.95
6 Great Colours In Stock
Length 130mm (13cm) Weight 56g
Strong Wire Through Construction
Super Strong Treble Hooks - Ready To Use!
Max Depth 6m - Speed 12 to 15 Knots
Ideal for Mulloway, Tuna, Mackerel, Kingfish etc

The Dragster is the culmination of a hundred prototypes and 18 months of research and development to bring our own trolling lure to life. We have tested this extensively with the 130mm models capable of swimming at 15 knots and the 190mm lengths at 18 knots.

This is not just a high-speed lure. The time taken to get the lure balanced just right, shows in its ability to swim across the entire speed spectrum from slow to fast.

The lure features a thicker, strengthened plastic terminal tackle moulding that holds the hooks securely under pressure and is stronger than through wire. The lure has been developed in two swim depths and two lengths covering everything from 3.0 metres all the way down to 6.0 metres.