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Halco Max 190 Lures - $19.95

Halco Max 190 Lures - $19.95


Product Information

New Halco Max 190 Lures
Length 19cm - Weight 163g
Hooks - 7/0 Singles x 2
The Halco Max 190 is a larger version of the Max 130.
This cutting edge bibles minnow is extremely versatile.
It can be used either jigging, casting or trolling.
The Max 190 has a highly streamlined design that gives this
163 gram winner outstanding casting ability, while allowing
trolling speeds up to 12 knots with minimal resistance.

Cast to where the fish are!
The Halco Max 190 has a slender tail section,
designed for maximum hook exposure on the strike.
This updated model now has #7/0 Inline Single hooks
to increase hook-ability and make your catch easier to handle.
Max represents the lure of the future.
It goes without saying that Max incorporates
Halco’s legendary toughness and durability!