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Ecogear Lures PX45F - Only $17.95

Ecogear Lures PX45F - Only $17.95

$21.95 $17.95

Product Information

Ecogear PX45F Surface Lure
Surface Bream Lure
Length - 45mm
Weight - 2.5g

Crazy price - Selected Colours Only!

The PX is the most realistic looking, technological advanced bream surface lure ever released in Australia. This lure has been designed to represent the surface antics of a ‘fleeing prawn’ across the flats, yet versatile and strong enough to successfully work over deeper water snags or parallel to structured banks where larger fish wait in ambush.
Designed for maximum action and appeal, the PX
incorporates a small cup-face to allow a traditional
forward splash while being ultra slick and streamlined
to enable the angler many different retrieve techniques.
Attached to the rear treble is a set of lifelike ‘feelers’
which adds to the overall appeal and lifelike attraction to fish.