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Bassman Spinnerbaits - Exclusive Angry Colour

Bassman Spinnerbaits - Exclusive Angry Colour


Product Information

Bassman Spinnerbaits
Ray & Anne's exclusive "Angry" Colour
4 Models : TW Series , Codman Series
Codman DT , Codman 4x4
Every freshwater angler knows how effective
the darker colours can be, and this exciting mix of
Black - Red - Gold is going to be deadly!
Australia's leading manufacturer of custom made Spinnerbaits
used world wide by tournament anglers, diehard fisherman
and people who just want to catch fish.

Made and manufactured in Australia using top quality
components and silicone skirt material.

Codman 4x4 : The 4x4 spinnerbait with each blade have it’s own
independent swivel, has been a game changer. This is a great
shallow water spinner bait, with each blade working at it’s maximum
you get the most vibration you can get out of a spinner bait,
with this you also get a great deal of lift

Codman DT : This is a Big fish spinner bait, now with a twin arm
spinnerbait the two larger Colorado’s you get maximum vibration
and also a lot of lift, so the need for a slow retrieve is crucial.
Also this fish’s great on the drop, by this I mean as it helicopters
to the bottom both blades are working as soon as it hits the water.
With the twin arms helping it from snagging and the hooks being
so open giving it an excellent hook up rate, just perfect for slow water.

Codman : This has been a game changer for a lot of Cod fisherman,
with a heavier wire than normal but not too heavy as to detract
from the vibration and the right Colorado set up, it just sings eat me.
This has been the forefront of Cod spinner baits for a long time.
Coming with a stinger hook and trailer plastic, and also the choice of oversizeing the rear blade for a much slower presentation.
It comes in some great fish catching colours winch have accounted for numerous over a meter and also quiet a number over a 100lb.
Now these spinnnerbaits with double Colorado blades have been
designed for dams & slow moving waters, for faster waters there is
the choice to tandem or double willows which will help you
obtain depth quicker in faster waters.

TW Series : A real work horse, with a hidden weight body, black hi tensile
stainless wire for maximum vibration. They come standard
with med size tandem blades make it an ideal searching bait
either in a dam or a river.