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Nomad Design Pandora PE Braid - 400m Spools Only $59.95

Nomad Design Pandora PE Braid - 400m Spools Only $59.95

$79.95 $59.95

Product Information

Nomad Pandora PE Braid 400m
Not $79.95 - Only $59.95
Limited Offer - Ends Monday 13/06/22
Tested in the toughest environments
on the toughest fish in the world!
I personally landed my largest ever fish on Pandora
braid, an estimated 50kg Hapuka, plus Kingfish to 30kg.
We have sold Pandora braid to a regular customers
targeting the XXL Kingfish in Aus and NZ ,
these guys have landed hundreds of these hard fighting brutes
with no break-offs or issues of any sort!
Pandora Braid - Highly recommended!
400m 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 65 - 80 - 100lb - Only $69.95
Made from the highest quality Japanese made PE Fiber.
8 x carrier construction, unique Micro Weave braiding technology.
Nomad made this to use on charter, and it is simply the best
braid available for fishing in the areas we fish.
Years of testing have gone into making the ideal all-round
braid for using for saltwater lure casting, jigging and trolling.
Pandora braid has colour changes every 10m to allow for
easier jigging and casting,
but it is what you cannot see that makes Pandora braid special.
The special Hydroslick coating and MicroWave technology
developed by Nomad Design make for a braid that is super
abrasion resistant and durable,
but also has very fine diameter and is very soft and supple for ease of casting.

Pandora is made from the highest quality Japanese PE fibre.
The construction process is carefully monitored to ensure
the perfect braiding process of these fibres and to ensure
that Pandora Braid is the ultimate casting, trolling and jigging braid.
With it’s mix of technology and rigorous testing in the toughest conditions on earth,
you can trust that Pandora Braid will not let you down when it counts.