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Anglers Republic Sea Rapture SRGS-83H Top Water Rods - 40% Off

Anglers Republic Sea Rapture SRGS-83H Top Water Rods - 40% Off

$499.00 $299.00

Product Information

Anglers Republic Sea Rapture SRGS-83H
Not $499 - Only $299 - Save 40%
Top Water Popper / Stickbait Rod
Line Max PE6 - Lure max 120g
Fuji SIC K Series Guides
Fuji DLX Reel Seat with Lock Ring
X Carbon Nano Technology Blank Construction
Easy to cast - Easy to Use - Hard on the fish!

Taper design x nano carbon that refines the "trust" that supports offshore big games
There are a wide variety of performances required for rods in offshore games, such as dolphin games that are caught by accurate casting and rod work, and jigging games that control jigs in the water as you imagine.
At the same time, handling performance that enables a delicate approach to capture high pressure has become one of the specifications required regardless of the target.
With an eye on the ever-evolving offshore game scene, New Sea Rapture demonstrates unparalleled reliability realized by adopting nano-carbon as blank material, in addition to high handling made possible by taper design.
Casting, rod work, and jerk until the fish are hooked are also fun, and the overwhelming peace of mind supports the angler when hooked.

Casting series boasts high accuracy of castability emitted from various take backs.
One of the important elements of the surface game is to shoot without missing a sudden boil or a momentary chance.
A lineup that can build an appropriate balance tackle consisting of lures and line systems is easy to handle, and combined with a somewhat unreasonable and reliable blank, it develops a comfortable game.
The high-power model has an ocean guide installed in reverse to reduce the trouble of thread entanglement caused by crosswinds that are disliked by high-number PE lines.
Specially equipped with a simple and robust BRC bat cap unique to power games.

[Guide setting]
The guide adopts the K guide system (SiC ring), and has constructed the optimum setting that maximizes the potential of the rod for each item.
* The original guide of SRGS-78MH and SRGS-83H is a power game specification that adopts a reversed ocean guide, realizing trouble-free high-number PE. Attention to detail shapes New Sea Rapture.

? SRGS-83H
High-power model for inshore tuna games and amberjack games
The blank, which has the power to support the excitement of casting games, catches the run of amberjack and lifts the resisting tuna.
By drawing out the tenacity of the nanomaterials used throughout the body, the specs that allow you to face the game with even more confidence give anglers the advantage of leeway in game scenes that require instant decisions.

Length 8ft.3'
(length when in 2 piece for transport 188cm)
Offset Handle
Power: H
MAX 120g Lures
PE MAX No. 6
Rod Wt.348g