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Pakula Dojo Shackle Rigs - Heavy

Pakula Dojo Shackle Rigs - Heavy


Product Information

Pakula Full 60 Degree Shackle Rigs
Model DSRX25/25 - Size 25 (8/0)
Total Length 170mm (17cm)
Ideal for 7 & 8 Inch Skirts
Model DSRX30 - Size 30 (9/0)
Total Length 235mm (23.5cm)
Ideal for 9 to 10 Inch Skirts
Model DSRX35 - Size 35 (10/0)
Total Length 245mm (24.5cm)
Ideal for 10 & 11 Inch Skirts
Heavy Duty - Reliable Construction!
Stainless Steel Cable
Swage Crimped & Shrink Wrapped
Super Sharp & strong Dojo Hooks
The Pakula Full 60 Degree Shackle Rig was originally
invented by Peter Pakula when trolling lures for Blue Marlin
was in its infancy on Australia's East Coast. It was a time
when many lures of all types including Pakula prototypes
were tried daily. This necessitated a rig that could easily
and quickly be transferred between lures and also allowed
the lure maximum freedom of action.

As strikes were not common it was imperative that the lures
rig also offered the best possible hook up rates.
This rig satisfied all these requirements to a point that there
has only been minor changes in the current rigs.