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Reel Covers - Neoprene or Air Mesh - Only $12.95ea

Reel Covers - Neoprene or Air Mesh - Only $12.95ea


Product Information

LazyFisho Reel Bags / Covers - Only $12.95ea
2 Styles - Standard Neoprene or Air Mesh with Handle Pocket
See Pictures to see how the bags fit on the rod while protecting your reel

Air Mesh Reel Bags / Covers
Designed with a light weight, yet sturdy construction to ensure that you don't get scratches or damage to your fishing reel whilst in storage or travelling.
These bags have a separate pouch to keep your handle in.
2 Sizes - Medium for 4000 to 5000 Sized Reels , Large for 10000 to 14000 Sized Reels
Quality stitching - Light weight - Reel Handle Pocket

Neoprene Reel Bags / Covers
Designed to give extra protection to your spinning reel from bumps and scratches.
These are traditional fishing reel covers to ensure the least amount of your fishing reel is exposed.
Ideal for the traveling angler or in the boat when extra protection may be required
2 Sizes - Medium for spinning reels up to 5000 Size , Large for 6000 to 14000 Sized Reels
Solid construction - Double stitching - Flexible to fit your reel