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Little Jack Metal Addict Lures - Type 04 - 100g & 200g

Little Jack Metal Addict Lures - Type 04 - 100g & 200g


Product Information

Metal Addict Type 04 Lures
Casting or Jigging Metal Lures
Ideal for Tuna, Kingfish , Samson Fish
Queenfish , Mackerel , GT's etc
Ultra Life-Like Bait Fish Profile
Ultra Life-Like Bait Fish Colours
Ultra Life-Like bait Fish Action!
100g 9cm - 200g 11cm

With a real push towards producing the most realistic looking lures on the market, Mr Yoshitake,
President and head lure designer from Little Jack Japan has released the Metal Adict range of metal jigs.
The Type 4 range is shorter and more chunky through the body than most jigs in their weight range.
The 200g is just 12cm long, the theory being, keep the lures looking more like a baitfish rather than a
long bit of painted metal. With an incredibly life like body and head shape plus the cutting-edge finish on the lures,
the Metal Adict range is highly effective on Australian species. The asymmetrical bodies also make this lure versatile.
The smaller sizes have been used as a casting lure for Tailor and Salmon, a micro jig for Estuary GT’s and Snapper,
a freshwater jig for Australian Bass and a Kingfish jig. The new larger sizes make the lure perfect for jigging in
deeper water or fast flowing current. Retailers have even purchased the Type 4 for customers who cast,
land based, for Longtail Tuna. The Type 4 jigs range are available in 100g, 125g, 150g, 175g and 200g x 8 colours in each size.

Weight: 125g
Colour: 04 - Blue Pink