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Air Pump / Live Bait Airator - USB Charging - Only $29.95

Air Pump / Live Bait Airator - USB Charging - Only $29.95

$39.95 $29.95

Product Information

Air pump with a USB interface for charging
The super quiet pump has almost no sound and is suitable for the quiet environment to feed fish, such as living room, bedroom, outdoor fishing and so on.
With a small size, it is easy to carry around and suitable to use outdoors for fishing
Low power can save energy and it is more economical.
Producing more bubbles than cheep pumps = increase oxygen = happy fish
Note - Like most air pumps these are not water proof

More details ;
Intelligent Protection: Fish aerator auto starts when power off, both AC and DC use. Using intelligent protection chip, it can be charged while working, after fully charged, it will only work without charging.
Dual Mode: Aquarium air pump can switch between continuous oxygen supply and intermittent oxygen supply with one key. You can choose the mode according to your needs, which is convenient to use.
Quiet Operation: Fish oxygen pump baby sleep grade mute design, multiple shock absorption and noise reduction, ultra quiet ?30dB. With silicone shock absorbing pads, reduce vibration friction and reduce noise.
ABS Shell: Fish air pump has ABS noise reduction shell technology, accuracy CNC machine cutting, anti oxidation treatment, good sound insulation, strong bearing capacity.
Dustproof USB Port: Oxygen pump for fish has a dustproof USB port, which is protected by a sealed screw cap.
There is a fixing clip at the bottom, which can be clipped on the waist or on the side of aquarium or bait bucket