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Nomad Dogtooth Stickbait Lures - 150 - $54.95

Nomad Dogtooth Stickbait Lures - 150 - $54.95


Product Information

Nomad Dogtooth Stick Bait Lures
Authentic Wood Construction
Length 21cm - Weight 100g
Proven Performers On Big Fish
Deadly when used casting for Kingfish, GTs, Mackerel, Tuna etc
They are also an awesome trolling lure for Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo!
Strong - Through Wire Construction
High Quality Timber , Paint & Finish
Super Strong Power Swivel
Type - Floating
Method - Casting or Trolling

This Dogtooth stickbait is an exceptional piece of work, everything from chasing Giant Black Marlin out in bluewater on the larger sizes, to chasing Tuna , GT's , Kingfish, the Dogtooth comes out on top!!!

This lure has an extremely life like action whether it be trolled twitched or even on a standard retrieve.

We found that trolling these lures in Bluewater situations at 4-7knts proved deadly and the lure will spend half its time skittering across the top and the other half in a realistic, s-shaped swimming action just below the surface, on a cast they can be retrieved in a variety of ways, whether you looking for a slow side to side walk the dog action or a swim and wobble action retrieved with a little more speed, every time it will produce great results.

The construction of this lure is of high quality timber and both the paint finish and the timber can handle an absolute beating from fish, it has a full wire construction with super strong power swivel in the belly.