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FatBoy Lures Toxic Johnson Series

FatBoy Lures Toxic Johnson Series


Product Information

FatBoy Trolling Lures
Toxic Johnson Series
Designed By & Exclusive to Ray & Anne's!
Available rigged or un rigged
Pink Translucent Head
UV Enhanced Purple Bonito Outer Skirt
Luminous Green Inner Skirt
High Quality Hand Pored Resin Heads
Super Flexible Skirts
Available in 5 different models :

Fatboy Mini Maverick
Cupped Face / Double Taper Profile
Size - 5 Inch (total Lungth 5 1/2 Inch)
Works at speeds from 4 to 12 knots
Species : All Tuna , Striped marlin , Dolphin Fish
and Sailfish - Especially effective on School Sized Tuna

Fatboy Viper
2 Sizes - 6 Inch & 8 Inch (skirt length only)
Longer head and double taper cup face
This profile gives a stable swimming action with a strong wiggle,
combined with the cup face that creates a bubble trail.
Unweighted to give the best action at all speeds up to 12 knots.
Works equally well in calm or rough conditions.
Deadly on Yellowfin and Southern Bluefin Tuna,
also proven on Marlin and Sailfish

Fatboy Sniper
2 Sizes - 6 Inch (skirt length only)
Specifically designed for for Tuna
Deadly on Yellowfin and Southern Bluefin
Classic bullet design with full lead insert.
Chrome mirror finish for extra attraction
Easy to use, works at all speeds in any position!

FatBoy Rogue
2 Sizes - 6 & 8 Inch (skirt length only)
Deep Cup Face Reverse Tapered Head
Works especially well when run short, these
swim deep and leave a thick bubble trail.
Can be used anywhere in the spread but
works best set in the short corners.
Deadly on all tuna species, mackerel ,wahoo,
marlin, dolphin fish and even kingfish!

FatBoy C4-Tube
Length - 8 Inch (skirt length only)
Designed for maximum action & attraction!
Ideal for all billfish and tuna species.
Balanced keel-weight to keep it tracking properly.
These lures create plenty of splash and surface activity.
Best suited to running further back in the spread.
Deadly on Stropped and Blue Marlin and Tuna species.